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4 min readOct 25, 2022

Tapwar’s Play2Earn campaign has officially started with the introduction of Fortune Crates! As you may see from various community members, Fortune Crates have been proven to be profitable for players of all skill levels! Alongside the continuous Fortune Crate sales, there is no doubt that anyone and everyone can earn a stable income in Tapwar!

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But if you’re new to the Play2Earn universe and looking to join in, here’s everything you need to know about Tapwar’s latest Play2Earn craze!

What are Fortune Crates?

Fortune Crates are the entry to Monsta Infinite’s sustainable Play2Earn ecosystem! It revolutionises the Play2Earn industry whereby any user, albeit budget or skill levels, can generate a stable and continuous income with ease of mind!

We are aware that there are various ways for you to earn with crypto, from trading tokens to staking (we do have staking soon as well!). But our original intention when developing Tapwar is to introduce a way of earning whereby both the users and the Dev (us lol) can benefit with minimal risk!

So out comes the current Fortune Crates, where anyone can join in at a low-entry fee and earn continuously at minimal risk! The key to a stable income in Tapwar is playing, so the more you PLAY, the more you EARN!

How Do I Benefit from Fortune Crates?

There are several ways how you can benefit from the Fortune Crates at this stage:

  1. Purchasing, opening and tributing the Fortune Crates in return for STT. This STT can then be reused or bridged out of Monsta Chain to be used elsewhere.
  2. Gain BUSD rewards from the Prosperity Pool and Top Ranking Reward when you refer a user to join Tapwar and purchase a Fortune Crate Monthly Pass subscription. Learn more here.
  3. Gain STT commissions every time your referred user tributes their items to the God of Shani!

As we’re still in the early stages of our Play2Earn journey, joining in as early as possible proves lucrative as you will be the early ones to earn from opening those Fortune Crates as well as referring others to enter the sales!

The Fortune Crate sales happen every 3 days to ensure continuous earnings for everyone so get ready to join in on the next one!

How Do I Earn With Fortune Crates?

Each Crate contains random item drops with 5 various rarities; common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary! Each and every item are unique and valuable, and there are 2 ways how these items can benefit you!

  1. These items can also be as tribute! You can use these items as tribute in return for 1 of the most essential resources in Tapwar, STT!
  2. When used in battle, these items will have a specific skill or attribute that would aid in scoring higher combos and more Soul Points!

When you decide to tribute the items in exchange for STT, you can either reuse the STT for other Tapwar resources like Runewords or bridge it out of the Monsta Chain to be used at your liking!

As there are sales happening every 3 days, anyone and everyone will have the chance to earn a stable gaming income!

How Much Can I Earn From Tributing?

As each item are unique in attributes, they also have unique values in STT depending on their rarity! A single item can reach upwards of 100,000 STT, so your possibility of earning with Fortune Crates is limitless!

Where can I get Fortune Crates?

Fortune Crate Monthly Pass Subscription

A Fortune Crate Monthly Pass subscription is now available! Purchase a monthly pass and get 10 Fortune Crate bundles to secure your Fortune Crate income!

Get your Fortune Crates here!

How Do I Open Fortune Crates?

To open these Fortune Crates, you need to summon the Blessing of Ancestors! Score combos in Tapwar to fill up the Summoning Orb and summon the Monsta ancestors to help you open those Fortune Crates!

A full guide on how you can open the Fortune Crates and start earning is available right here!

What’s In The Future of Tapwar’s Play2Earn?

A plethora of events and features have been planned for the Play2Earn campaign, from continuous sales and engaging events, to even new features that integrate Monstas! Tapwar will undergo continuous updates and revamps to ensure a satisfying, lucrative and sustainable Play2Earn experience for everyone!

Rest assured that Tapwar is a part of the Infinite Verse and Monsta Infinite’s end goal towards building a decentralized Play2Earn future made for anyone and everyone!



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