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3 min readOct 19, 2022


A how-to on tributing your Fortune Crate items and earning continuously with Tapwar!

Had fun opening those Fortune Crates? Well, we hope you do! But opening those crates isn’t just for the sake of getting items! Do you know you can earn from each and every item drop?

Tributing these items allow you to earn STT in return! You can reuse these STT in Tapwar or even bridge it out and start your earning! Here’s how you can do that and earn every time you open Fortune Crates!

Getting the Items

In order to tribute items, you first have to get them! You can do this by Summoning after filling up the Summoning bar!

When combined with Fortune Crates, you can summon the Blessing of Ancestors to help you open the crates!

Once summoned, you will receive item drops!

Tributing Items

For a video tutorial, click here!

To tribute any item, go to your Item List in the Lobby.

Then select an Item that you want to tribute. The estimated value that you will receive when tribute will be displayed. Click “Tribute” to continue.

You can also select the number of items to tribute. Click “tribute” to continue.

Once the Tribute is successful, you will receive this pop-up.

To view your STT, head to the Marketplace and connect your Monsta Wallet used to tribute the item. The tribute STT may take a while to be displayed.

Once the STT is sent, it would be added to any remainder STT you own!

And that’s it! Whether you want to bridge out your STT or use it for Tapwar, you can check out our Helpdesk where we will assist you in any form!



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