The Commotion Board Just Got Easier!

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4 min readOct 24, 2022


Here’s an update on how you can passively earn with just your referral code!

The Tapwar Commotion Board is live and people have already started earning passively from Tapwar! If you are unaware of how the board works, click here.

The Commotion Board is where you can check out who’s the best Monsta recruiter and the rewards they got just from using their referral code!

Here are 2 ways you can earn by just using your referral code!

1. Monsta Referral Program!

Prize: $20 BUSD for every $99BUSD Fortune Crate Monthly Pass purchased.
Winners: Referrers that referred a user to purchase a Fortune Crate Monthly pass.
1. Refer someone to join Tapwar with your referral code and they purchase a Monthly pass.
2. Earn $20 BUSD every time your referred buddy purchases a Monthly pass!

2. Tribute And Earn!

It’s as easy as its name! Earn STT commissions sent to your Monsta Wallet when your referred buddies tribute items from Fortune Crates to the God of Shani!

Prize: STT commissions
Entry: Earn STT every time your referee tribute items to the God of Shani!

Note: STT rewards are directly distributed to your Monsta Wallet and will not require a Metamask.

Now to make things easier for us to track and distribute your commissions and for you to register and view your rewards, we’ll need you to import your Monsta Wallet into your Metamask wallet.

So here’s how you can do it and passively earn from Tapwar!

Things To Note:

  1. The previous rewards have been delivered to the BEP-20 Wallet address that you provided in the previous Google form.
  2. The next rewards in the future will be delivered via Monsta Wallet so make sure you import your linked Monsta Wallet address to a Metamask account to claim your BUSD rewards.
  3. You must import the same Monsta Wallet address used for the Tapwar referral code to your Metamask wallet.
  4. The reward will be sent in BUSD. You may have to import the tokens into your Metamask Wallet to view them.
  5. Once you have imported the Monsta Wallet address into your Metamask wallet, the address will be displayed as “0x*****”

How to Check Your Reward?

Import Your Monsta Wallet Address To Your Metamask Wallet.

Head to your Monsta Wallet that you used to link to Tapwar for the referral code and click the 3 dots symbol.

Click Account Details.

Click Export Private Key.

Warning: Never disclose this key. Anyone with your private keys can steal any assets held in your account.

Key in your password and click confirm.

Copy your Private Key.

Warning: Never disclose this key. Anyone with your private keys can steal any assets held in your account.

Head to Metamask and go to its settings. Click the 3 dots symbol.

Click Import Account.

Paste your private key on Monsta Wallet to the box and click import.

That’s it! The reward will be sent and visible in your preferred wallet! Good luck and happy earning!


Depending on your preferred wallet, you may have to import BUSD tokens to check your balance.

BUSD address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56



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