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Welcome to the World of Monsta Infinite! If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how Monsta works and what Monstas are. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In Monsta Infinite, at least 3 Monstas are required for a battle. Strategizing how you combine Monstas into a team plays a vital role in winning any battle. As for how cards will function in the game, check out our Gameplay Description in the link to familiarize yourself with the game and come up with potential strategies:

Let’s start with an introduction to our Monstas.

Our Monstas
Every Monsta has specific information within its profile that can help you develop a sense of its strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Monsta Type:
    This is used to distinguish between special Monstas (i.e: Inception Monstas and Normal Monstas). Inception Monstas may contain legendary parts which will give you the added advantage of stronger legendary skill cards. There are different types of Normal Monstas, such as Chrono Zero Monstas, which are a limited release that won’t be minted again. Another kind is Soulbond, which cannot be transferred or traded. They are primarily used for cloning and gaming exclusively.
    Please note that the Soulbond Monstas are no longer available for sale.
  2. Monsta ID Tag:
    Each Monsta will have a unique ID tag. Inception Monsta tags are between #1-#4088. ID numbers #4089-#14099 denotes Chrono Zero Monstas, while other higher ID’s represent our Soulbond and Normal Monstas. lower ID numbers belonging to specific types like Inception and Chrono Zero can increase their collectable value.
  3. Transferability and Tradability.
    The Monstas currently on the Marketplace are tradable and transferable. Soulbond Monstas will not be found there as they cannot be transferred or traded. But note that all clone babies are transferable and tradable.
  4. Monsta Appearance.
    The preference for the design of the Monsta is based on your personal preferences.
  5. Clone Usage.
    Cloning is when you use 2 Parent Monstas to clone a new Monsta. Monstas can be cloned up to 4 times. But certain Monstas like for example the 1/4 Chrono Zero Monstas can only be cloned another 3 times, as they start with 1 clone count taken already. Note that the cost of cloning increases for each of the Monsta’s cloning processes. You will need STT as the cloning cost for the cloning process.
  6. Monsta class and race.
    The difference of class and race affects the basic value of each attribute. The Monstas are segregated into 3 classes:
  • Power type: Prime, Golem, Grognak
  • Agile type: Terminator, Nightingale, Juggernaut
  • Intelligence type: Alchemist, Prophet, Bomoh

7. Transaction method.
The buy and sell method on the Marketplace is also up to your personal preference.

Monsta Attributes are composed of 3 stats and 12 sub-stats. The maximum value across all three stats is 80 points. If one of the stats has a higher value, the sub-stats that correspond will also be higher. For example, with a higher strength (STR) stat, the corresponding physical attack stat (ATK) will also be higher. See the related stats below:

  • INT — PWR, MP, MP REGEN, RES, Initiation Speed

The 12 sub-stats include:

  • ATK (Physical Attack) — Damage rate of physical attacks
  • HP (Health Points) — Health points of the Monsta
  • HP REGEN (Health Point Regeneration) — Recovery rate of health points based on card
  • ATK % (Attack Percentage) — Increases the attack percentage to every physical attack
  • DEF (Physical Defense) — Resistance rate against physically damaging attacks
  • SP (Stamina Points) — Required as cost for any physical attack
  • SP REGEN (Stamina Point Regeneration) — Recovery rate of stamina based on card
  • PWR (Elemental Power) — Damage rate of elemental attacks
  • MP (Mana Points) — Required as cost for any elemental attack
  • MP REGEN (Mana Point Regeneration) — Recovery rate of mana points based on card
  • Initiation Speed — Determines the attacking order in battles.

Body Parts
Every Monsta is composed of six parts: head, face, body, tail, arms and legs. When combined together, they affect the Monsta’s attributes and skill cards.

There are two different kinds of parts: Normal and Legendary. Legendary parts can only be found on some Inception Monstas, with the primary difference being that Legendary parts have Legendary skill cards.

The appearance of a Monsta is determined by the race of the body parts. The race of the Monsta itself, however, is determined by the part labelled ‘BODY’. Typically, if your Monsta has multiple body parts of the same class, the Monsta will have a higher attribute related to that respective class.

For example, if your Monsta has 4 body parts from an Agile type, such as from the Terminator or Juggernaut class, your Monsta will have higher Agility-related stats. Some body parts, when combined with parts from different classes or races, will have advantages. In fact, some skill cards require specific mutations and body part combinations to be utilized to their full potential.

Skill Cards
Since each body part corresponds to a skill card, and each Monsta has six body parts, a Monsta can have six skill cards total. Body parts can be levelled up using our augmentation process, which optimizes the related skill card, typically by changing the numerical values of the card.

On a card, the upper left-hand corner shows the card type and the upper right is the card name. The picture is a description of the specific role of the card. In the lower-left corner is the endurance value that needs to be consumed and in the lower right corner is the Mana value that needs to be consumed.

Skill cars are divided into three primary categories: Tactics cards, Buff and Debuff cards and Attack cards.

Tactics Cards
A tactics card, represented by a blue logo, will not directly or indirectly cause damage to the enemy but will bring more advantages and opportunities to the player. For example, changing the cards in hand, resurrecting a sacrificed Monsta, increasing mana, etc.

Buff or Debuff Cards
The cards with the downward arrow on the yellow background mainly debuff the enemy, such as restricting the enemy’s mana consumption, petrifying the opponent, etc.

Cards with an upward arrow on a green background mainly apply the buffs to yourself. For example, causing multiple rounds of continuous damage, increasing the next round’s health regeneration, etc.

Attack Cards
Cards with a purple logo are attack cards with an added buff that affects your own team. This can include restoring stamina, attacking, ignoring blocks, etc.

Cards with a brown logo are attack cards that also inflicts a debuff onto the enemy, such as causing continuous damage, movement restriction, ability reduction, etc.

Cards with the red logo are normal attacks that don’t give any buffs or debuffs.

Now that this basic information is out of the way, let’s dive into the marketplace and what you should look out for when looking to buy your first Monsta.

  1. Each Monsta has a unique ID tag. As mentioned previously, numbers 1–4088 are exclusively Inception Monstas. Since Inception Monstas can have those Legendary body parts, they are valuable to both collectors and strategists. The same can be said of Chrono Zero Monstas. While they don’t have the chance of having Legendary parts like Inception Monstas, the ID numbers are relatively small. Since they won’t be minted again, this gives Chrono Zero Monstas a collectable value as well.
  2. With every clone, the cost to clone again (to a maximum of four times) increases as well. It’s worth noting the clone count on each Monsta before buying if you’re looking to clone it afterwards. In the bottom right corner of the Monsta details, you can see the parent Monstas as well as their IDs.
  3. The Monstas Details will also show you the Monstas stats, sub-stats and cards. The cards have full descriptions and information, as described in the sections above.

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The above content is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice.



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