MONI To STT Swapping Guide

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3 min readOct 22, 2021

Things To Note Before You Swap Your Tokens

  1. The MONI-STT Liquidity Pool and Sale of Chrono Zero & Soulbond Monsta will be open to the public on 1800 GMT+0 22nd October 2021 to ensure that the community can properly understand this guide on swapping their xMONI to xSTT.
  2. STT will be displayed as xSTT and MONI will be displayed as xMONI in the Monsta Chain.

3. The value of xSTT will fluctuate when the demand for xSTT increases. The MasterChef can only replenish the Liquidity Pool using STT retrieved from the sale of Monstas and the taxes. Therefore there will be times where the xSTT will fluctuate and increase in value. Rest assured, the developer team will do their best in ensuring that there is a healthy balance of MONI-STT in the Liquidity Pool and that the fluctuation in the value of STT is kept at a minimum.

4. Users are only allowed to swap xMONI to xSTT as a one-way transaction and not xSTT to xMONI. Only MasterChef can buy xMONI using xSTT to replenish the Liquidity Pool.

5. STT cannot be bridged out to the Mainnet until a Liquidity Pool on Binance Smart Chain is deployed, which is around Mid November, before the Alpha Testing.

6. xSTT is temporarily unavailable to be transferred to different Monsta Wallets until further notice. Stay tuned for more details regarding this topic on our official media platforms.

How To Swap MONI To STT?

Video Guide

Check out our video tutorial on how to swap xMONI to xSTT

Go to our official Marketplace at and click “Exchange”.

You will be directed to this page. Click “Connect” to connect your Monsta Wallet.

You will be prompted to your Monsta Wallet to our site. Select the account you wish to use for the swapping (containing xMONI) and click “Next”.

Then, click “Connect” to connect to that specific account.

Then, key in the amount of xMONI you want to swap to xSTT at the “From” column.

The amount of xSTT you will expect to receive for the swap will be displayed in the “to” column.

Then, click “Approve” to confirm the swapping.

You will be prompted to confirm the swapping by your Monsta Wallet extension. Click “Confirm” to continue with the transaction.

Click “Swap” to confirm the swapping of xMONI to xSTT.

You will be prompted to confirm the swapping by your Monsta Wallet extension. Click “Confirm” to confirm the swapping.

Congratulations, you now own xSTT for all in-game and Marketplace transactions! Your balance of xSTT in your Monsta Wallet account will be displayed in the “Balance” column.



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