Worry Less With The Monthly Pass!

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2 min readDec 13, 2022

Are you always being beaten by the other users during the Fortune Crate Sales? Need a way to guarantee your Fortune Crate purchases? Well, look no further, the Fortune Crate Monthly Pass subscription begins now!

Yes, that’s right! Introducing the Fortune Crate Monthly Pass subscription! Subscribe to the monthly pass to guarantee your stable income with Fortune Crates!

What is a Monthly Pass Subscription?

A Fortune Crate Monthly Pass subscription allows you to make a one-time payment of $99 BUSD to guarantee 10 Fortune Crate bundles, equivalent to 1,780 Fortune Crates!

Whether you’re managing scholars, or your job is keeping you busy, you can now secure your bundles with ease of mind and skip a few sales to focus on what is truly important to you!

The first Monthly Pass subscription sales are only available for the first 50 users. But don’t worry! They are available for purchase at every Fortune Crate sale, which happens every 3 days and the number of passes available will increase upon demand!

How Does It Work?

  1. Head to the Fortune Crate purchase site to purchase a Monthly Pass subscription. A monthly pass subscription will cost $99 BUSD. (The steps to purchasing a monthly pass are similar to buying a Fortune Crate bundle.)

2. Go through and accept the Terms and Conditions.

3. Select the Monthly Pass.

4. Make the payment of $99 BUSD to subscribe.

5. Confirm your purchase (A confirmation message will pop up to confirm a successful purchase)

After subscribing, you are entitled to a 10-bundle subscription, equaling a total of 1,780 Fortune Crates.

The 10 bundles will be distributed to your account over the course of 30 days, meaning you will receive a Fortune Crate bundle every 3 days. The first bundle will be released upon purchase, and the subsequent bundles distributed at 3 days interval.

Terms & Conditions

  1. One account is limited to 1 monthly pass subscription per month.
  2. You are not allowed to purchase both Monthly passes and a Fortune Crate bundle.
  3. Your designated account must receive all 10 bundles before being able to purchase another monthly pass subscription.
  4. Payment for the Monthly Pass subscription must be paid in full at $99 BUSD in a single payment to confirm the purchase.
  5. Prices and quantities are subject to changes without prior notice.
  6. You are entitled to payment terms and conditions similar to the Fortune Crate bundle sale. Read more here.



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