The Truth Behind The Launch

Recently, there has been a conundrum regarding the public launch last week. In response to the complains and criticism of our community, we feel that it is essential that we release an official statement on behalf of the developer team of Monsta Infinite to explain our actions during the launch and why we did them.

Why did we open the listing 10 minutes earlier?

We started the launch early to wipe out bots. As you can see, we launched earlier and the bots already started to rush in. It was meant to maintain a lower, more affordable price. We already expected that the price will hike up rapidly, looking at the current market demands. If we open on 1800 UTC+0, bots will come in with the normal users, and evidently, bots are faster than normal users. Subsequently, MONI will go higher than $12, and more people will be affected when the bots start to dump. But when launched earlier, only limited actual users will be aware of the situation as Bots can only purchase tokens by automation. Bots can only be triggered when there is liquidity in place. When they realize that liquidity is placed, with most of the buying power are bots as well, bots will start to compete to dump on other bots. Hence, a bot vs bot situation with minimal normal user in the middle as collateral damage. With all due respect, users buying the token when it hiked to $8 or $9 just seems overvalued and with the token being extremely volatile during the launch, this situation will just increase the slippage. Price hikes are very common in public launches, taking $Alice and My Defi Pet public launches as examples; where the price hike spiked even higher than just $12. This is where users’ due diligence and financial planning are crucial in ensuring that they are not purchasing tokens at it’s highs, especially during public launches.

Why was the price different than in the Pre-sales?

The price of our token now varies according to the supply and demands in the market. It is merely impossible to maintain the same exact price on the exchanges with the pre-sale price, but we will do our outmost best to maintain a reasonable price to make sure the game will still be accessible and affordable to all users.

Why didn’t you guys tell us?

It was a pre-emptive measure to disrupt bots. If we announce the plan to the community , those users or organizations that uses bots will take advantage of the situation and will subsequently use bots against the normal users during the official launch time, causing more volatility and will affect the price tremendously.

Why did list MONI at $0.05 instead of $0.20 ?

It’s an independent market, where the exchange is allowed to set any amount and price they find necessary. It is not something we have authority nor any voting rights over. We also provided with 400,000 MONI tokens for security deposit funds and as the start-up amount of tokens for the event, so we speculated that they might have used the funds to control the price, hence making the token price gains look more intriguing for future token projects to select them as the choice of CEX.

What is your response for the now trending “$MONI HEIST” article?

It’s undoubtedly a false accusation, written either from the misinterpretations of the author due to the launch, or meant to create FUD amongst our community in order to drive the price even lower, which in turn, will only profit the writer when conducting his/her own personal investments or Futures. The statements in the article have already been debunked and there was not a single proof of what was mentioned in the article is in fact a reality to the matter. You can kindly refer to our moderators for the proof or any uncertainty in mind. Rest assured, we are here for the long road ahead of us.

Why close all the chats, which would lead to the bad reviews.

We, the developing team of Monsta Infinite, are open to all bad reviews and will do outmost our best in finding solutions towards any uncertainty and reviews our community has for us as we perceive these reviews and uncertainties as constructive criticism. We wish to address and solve all uncertainties and doubts the community has for us. As mentioned before, we decided to close the chats to avoid spammers, scammers and FUDs taking advantage of the chats in manipulating our community, which in turn will cause distress in our community and will affect the token price detrimentally, only benefitting the scammers and FUDs. As already proven, our developer team and moderators has worked tirelessly in responding the countless uncertainties and doubts of our community in Discord and Telegram group.

How much $ will it be for the price of 1 egg or teamof Monstas in the game?

We would like to assure everyone that we would do our best in maintaining the price of a normal monsta egg to about $10 — $15 USD, while still utilizing $MONI as our governance token. We made a promise to our community in creating a game that is accessible and affordable, and we intend on keeping the promise. We would constantly update our community on any changes in the pricing, as the end goal of Monsta Infinite was always to ensure the game is accessible and affordable by all of our community.

How about the viral statement of the Developer wallet on Poocoin rugcheck? Did the developer team manipulate the price?

This topic has already been debunked several times by members of our community. This site does not prove anything. It has already been known that the viral wallet address was in fact a random sniping bot that has been notorious in disrupting launches in the crypto market since the early 2020's. Kindly refer to our moderators for proof of this statement. For the minute number of individuals asking if this was a rugpull, this is already debunked with the fact that our tokens are still in trading. We advise to our users to have their own due diligence regarding this specific topic.

Regarding the issue of developer team manipulating the price, it’s proven that the wallet addresses were not registered to any of the wallet addresses Monsta Infinite uses; which can be checked on our whitepaper and the contract addresses. Instead, they were random wallet addresses notorious for it’s sniping bots in disrupting launches of different projects since the early 2020's.

We have provided transparency to our community where it is clearly stated in our whitepaper that the tokens meant for team allocations are still locked and will only be released on the 4th quarter of 2022. Users can also confirm this by comparing these addresses on BscScan.


These are just the general questions that our community tend to ask us. It is essential that due diligence and research into cryptocurrency be adhered before deciding to invest into the vast and volatile world of cryptocurrency, whether it’s by taking examples of the other up and running projects like $Alice or even basic cryptocurrency knowledge available throughout the Internet. Most of the other general questions that the community tend to have is already available online, whether on the internet or in our website and whitepaper. Any other questions or proof that you may need answered, kindly refer to our moderators. We in Monsta Infinite sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience or confusions caused. we hope that you continue to support us in making Monsta Infinite a reality.

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure.