Step 7 of 7: Bridging xSTT Out To Swap or Earn!

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3 min readNov 3, 2022

Once you’ve tributed your items, you will receive xSTT in return. You can choose to hold your xSTT or go to to bridge it out from Monsta Chain to the Binance Smart Chain into a Metamask account that supports BEP-20 transactions.

Select your Metamask wallet to bridge STT into Monsta Chain or select your Monsta Wallet to bridge xSTT to BSC. Make sure you are connected to the Monsta Wallet used for Game Login.

Choose From ‘Monsta Mainnet’ to ‘Binance Mainnet’

Select xMONI or xSTT, whichever you would like to bridge out to Binance Mainnet.

Key in the amount that you want to bridge. Key in a valid BEP-20 wallet address (Metamask) to receive the MONI or STT and click ‘Unlocked’ then ‘Transfer’.

Click ‘Submit’ and it’s done!

Disconnect your Monsta Wallet from the site.

Connect to your Metamask wallet.

Click Claim Token.

Click Claim. Your token is now being bridged to your Metamask wallet. Note that the bridging will take some time to be reflected in your Metamask account.

The amount of STT is sent to your Metamask wallet. Note that to view STT tokens in Metamask, you have to import the token. Open your MetaMask Wallet extension and click Import Tokens.

Key in STT BSC contract address: 0x9Ee75952E3408ed7005225855aA1835D6d0023CA

Click Import Tokens

Now, you can head to platforms like PancakeSwap (, to swap your STT into any other tokens such as BUSD.



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