Step 5 of 7: Play Monsta Tapwar & Summon Fortune Crates!

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3 min readNov 3, 2022

Monsta Tapwar Gameplay

Here’s how you can play and Earn with Fortune Crates! Once you login into the game, press PLAY and start playing the game.

During your first time playing, there’s a simple guide on how to move the runestones!

Before you begin, select a skill card which can help you increase your scores in battle.

Observe the runeboard and look at the possible combinations you can perform with simple moves. Then, try to match a minimum of 3 runewords to score a combo. Match as many runewords as you can. Example as below:

Summoning Fortune Crates

Every time you’re done with a round, the Blue Crystal ball (above the ‘PLAY’ button) will fill up.

The more combos you get, the faster the Blue Crystal ball will be filled up. On average, a user will need to use 3–5 matches to fill up the Blue Crystal ball.

Once the Blue Crystal ball is filled up, click on the Blue Crystal ball, and click Summon 100%.

You can use 1 or more Fortune Crates per summoning.

Inside the box, there are items, and the item will be added to the Items List (at the bottom left side of your lobby).



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