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6 min readOct 12, 2021


The Monsta Wallet will be open to the public for download on 14:00 GMT+0 12th October 2021.

Here is a step-by-step setup guide on how to register into your Monsta Wallet. Before you begin your journey into the world of Monsta Infinite, you are going to need to have a Monsta Wallet, so here are a few key points you have to go through to ensure a smooth and convenient experience in our Monsta Wallet.

  1. We would first like to clarify that currently, the Monsta Wallet is not available as an application on any App Store and is not mobile-supported yet, as crypto-related applications will take time to be reviewed and approved. Rest assured we will release an application for it so stay tuned for more information.
  2. As of now, it will only be available as an extension on Google Chrome. Users will have to manually download the extension using the link from our official website. The official extension will be available on the Google Store for Chrome OS in a short while so stay tuned for further announcements.
  3. This version of the Monsta Wallet is only a V1. There will be constant upgrades, implementing exciting features like 2-factor authentication, a better user interface, mobile application availability and so much more features that will improve the smoothness and convenience of our Monsta Wallet.
  4. Note that Monsta Wallet is a stand-alone, non-custodial wallet. This means that you do not require any third-party wallets like Metamask to create and register a Monsta Wallet.
  5. CAUTION! The team of Monsta Infinite will not request any personal information from you, so BEWARE! Safely store your personal information such as your Secret Recovery Phrases, Private Key and passwords.
  6. When making your own Monsta Wallet, ensure that your wallet address has a “Monsta” prefix.

Example: monsta:fE15eEAb4f21a3B68534a89eC7B8008B970719ee

( this is my wallet (Monsta Kenny), I don’t mind if you send me MONI or STT, I don’t get paid enough😂)

7. PLEASE DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR MONI TOKENS NOW!!! We would like to emphasize that there is NO other way to transfer your MONI tokens from Binance Smart Chain into our Monsta Chain, so please wait for the bridging feature of MONI and Inception Monsta into our Monsta Chain on the 15th of October 2021.

8. Please note that you can have multiple Monsta Wallets in one Chrome extension. This can be formed by creating multiple wallet addresses by clicking the “Create Account” feature in the wallet.

9. Make sure that you only download the extension on our official website at

10. On behalf of the entire team of Monsta Infinite, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued patience and support in making Monsta Infinite a reality.


Video Tutorial

For a full video tutorial, check out the tutorial video on our Official YouTube Channel

Video Tutorial


Go to our official website at and click on the “Monsta Wallet” button on the top right to download the extension.

Once the download has been completed, go to your “Files” and extract the extension as it is in a Zip folder.

Once the file has been extracted, go to your Google Chrome and click the “settings” which are displayed as three dots and go to “More tools” and then click “Extensions”.

Then on this page, switch on “Developer Mode” on the top right, then select “Load Unpacked” on the top left.

Select the extracted file to be added to the extensions.

Once completed, you will be prompted to this page.

Click “Get Started”

On the next page, select “Create A New Wallet” for all new users or “Import Wallet” if you already own a Monsta Wallet.

Create your password with a minimum of 8 characters. Beware that you should keep your password safe. We will never request your password.

Once done, click “Create”.

Check out the info on the side to learn about your Secret Recovery Phrase and how to keep your wallet safe. Then, click “Next”.

Click on the box to reveal your Secret Recovery Phase. Beware, we will never request your Phrases. Store your Phrases securely according to your method of safekeeping and click “Next”.

Complete the page according to your Secret Recovery Phrase and click “Confirm”.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your own Monsta Wallet. Click “All Done” to go to your wallet.

We would like to emphasize that there is NO other way to transfer your MONI tokens from Binance Smart Chain into our Monsta Chain, so please wait for the bridging feature of MONI and Inception Monsta into our Monsta Chain on the 15th of October 2021 to send your MONI tokens into your new Monsta Wallet.

The xSTT will appear in the wallet during the launch of the MONI-STT Liquidity Pool feature on the Marketplace on the 22nd of October 2021. You can simply add accounts by going into the “My Accounts” feature and click “Create Account”.

To get your Monsta Wallet address, go to the top centre and select it to copy to clipboard and paste it at your desired places.

To open the extension at any time, go to the top right of your Chrome browser and click the puzzle icon. The Monsta Wallet extension should be available there.

Click on “Monsta Wallet” to open the extension and Voila! Your Monsta Wallet extension is ready at your expense.

Please note that this is not the final product of our wallet. There will be constant upgrades with new features and a better user interface and experience to ensure a smooth and convenient experience for all users.



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