Monsta Sale Update

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4 min readOct 22, 2021


This is an official statement by the Developer Team of Monsta Infinite to address the current issue of the delay in the release of the Monsta Sales.

Due to the astounding response from the community, we had to postpone the launching of MONI — STT Pool and Monsta Sale to ensure not only an equal opportunity for all members in participating in the Monsta Sale but to also ensure a smooth experience in conducting any transactions on the Marketplace.

The main concern we had about releasing the Marketplace feature was how the overwhelming response of our community would cause a tremendous traffic spike to the infrastructure. Before the official release time of 14:00 GMT+0, we have already started to monitor the traffic on the Marketplace and we saw the traffic spike on the infrastructure that is very worrying. Therefore we decided to delay the release to properly ensure that the Marketplace can accommodate such traffic by constantly adding onto our infrastructure to accommodate the constant increase of traffic spikes.

As we tried releasing the Marketplace in a gradual manner, we already anticipated such a tremendous traffic spike that will affect the Marketplace. We were confident that our infrastructure could accommodate the traffic but we were proven wrong when the Marketplace crashed. The spike kept on increasing at an enormous rate, so we had to continuously delay the release as we were constantly trying to accommodate the traffic spike to our infrastructure so that it will not crash at its most crucial moment.

The traffic spike on our Marketplace

But as we continued to monitor the possible traffic load that is affecting the Marketplace, it became apparent that the traffic spike will only increase in proportion during the release of the Monsta Sale, detrimentally affecting not only the infrastructure of our Marketplace but also the experience of the community interacting with the infrastructure. Even though we were constantly trying to accommodate the tremendous traffic spike, the Marketplace kept on crashing again and again due to the constantly growing traffic spike.

When this issue kept on getting declining, with the crashing of the Marketplace worrying us, we had to make the decision of delaying the Marketplace until further notice. It is a difficult decision to make, but for the best interest of our community, it is the best option. The spike in traffic is tremendous and we wouldn’t want to put our community at any risk, even a minor one. Hence, we have decided to reschedule the release until further notice.

Rest assured, your assets in the Marketplace is safe and secured as long as you make sure to properly store and secure your Secret Recovery Phrases and Private Key.

NFToken of Appreciation

As a token of gratitude to all of our loyal community still supporting us through thick and thin, we would be gifting the loyal members with an NFToken of Appreciation. At exactly 22:00 GMT+0 22 October 2021, we would be taking a snapshot of all Monsta Wallets that has 3 or more MONI contained inside them. All of these wallets will be airdropped an exclusive Genesis Cosmetic, the first Cosmetic NFT which will be released by Monsta Infinite. This is only applicable for the Monsta Wallet addresses that HODL or increase the amount of tokens in that same Monsta wallet address from 22:00 GMT+0 22nd October 2021 until the launch of our Marketplace.

The purpose and design of this cosmetic will be decided by the community, making it an NFT designed by the community, for the community. This will be a limited edition release, meant only for the user who has already bridged their MONI into the Monsta Wallet at the stated time and date. This NFT will also provide users with a minor Buff to a Monsta’s attributes, and that this NFT will be both transferable and tradable.

On behalf of the entire team of Monsta Infinite, we would like to extend our deepest apologies regarding the delay in the Monsta Sales. Rest assured we will do our utmost best to get the Marketplace up and running again as soon as possible. We thank our community for the continuous support in this project through the thick and thin.



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