Monsta Privilege: Use Your Monsta!

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2 min readJan 13, 2023

2023 is a new year for Monsta Infinite! It marks a new beginning in our journey to develop a sustainable Monsta ecosystem that provides continuous income for all Monsta Players.

Part of being a sustainable and profitable ecosystem is where everyone has an equal opportunity to earn from being a part of us! So here is one of the many upcoming initiatives that benefit players for having Monstas!

The Monsta Privilege program is part of the initiative that will not only reward our Monsta users but will also strengthen the economic value of our beloved Monsta NFTs while being one of the many possible ways you can earn from your Monstas.

Starting 13/1/2023 at 12:00 pm GMT+0, all Monsta holders having a minimum of 3 Monstas will be entitled to claim up to 6 free Fortune Crates daily.

Now, you can receive free Fortune Crates daily from owning Monstas! Remember! This is a limited-time event so get it while you can!

How Does It Work?

  1. You will need to own at least 3 Monstas in a Monsta Wallet account to be eligible for the Monsta Privilege reward.
  2. The free Fortune Crates will be credited to Monsta Wallet accounts that fulfil the Monsta criteria.
  3. Note that the free Fortune Crates cannot be carried forward to the next day so open those crates!
  4. The unopened Fortune Crates will be reset every day after 12:00 am GMT+0
  5. The amount of Fortune Crate you will receive depends on the type of Monsta you own:

3 Soulbond Monstas: 4 Free Fortune Crates daily
3 Inception/Chrono Zero/Normal Monstas: 6 Free Fortune Crates daily


User A has 3 Soulbond Monstas, he will receive 4 free Fortune Crates daily.

User B has 1 Soulbond Monsta, and 2 Inception Monstas, he will receive 4 free Fortune Crates daily.

User C has 2 Soulbond Monstas, and 1 Chrono Zero Monsta, he will receive 4 free Fortune Crates daily.

User D has 3 normal Monstas in his wallet, he will receive 6 free Fortune Crates daily.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You will need a minimum of 3 Monstas in a Monsta wallet account to be eligible.
  2. Tributing Fortune Crate items are only available for users that purchased Fortune Crates at least once in any sales.
  3. The free Fortune Crates must be claimed and opened on the same day. It cannot be carried forward to the next day.
  4. A 24-hour waiting period will be in place for accounts that just received their 3 Monstas.



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