Monsta Mounts: Monstaverse NFTs!

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2 min readJan 17


Be ahead of the pack by snatching some powerful Monsta Mount NFTs before the Monstaverse begins!

Monsta Mounts are new tradable and transferable NFTs that will be essential in your battle during Monstaverse later on. Monsta Mounts are unique NFTs that assist your Monstas by providing specific attributes and perks during their battle.

With the Monstaverse battle imminent, the Monsta Ancestors have decided to help the Monstas out by placing these Monsta Mounts within Treasury boxes all around the world.

To find these Treasury boxes, you will need assistance from various items from the Fortune Crates in Monsta Tapwar! Collect those items and find those Treasury boxes!

This is a limited-time event only, starting from January 17th till February 17th so start opening those Fortune Crates now!

How Does It Work?

  1. There are 2 types of Treasury boxes; Advanced Treasury Boxes and Normal Treasury Boxes.
  2. The type of Treasury boxes you can get depends on the type of items you get from opening Fortune Crates.
    Advanced Treasury: requires 15 Epic items
    Normal Treasury: requires 20 Uncommon + 4 rare items
  3. You will need to collect and hold the items in Monsta Tapwar until the end of the event to get the Treasury boxes and win Monsta Mounts.
  4. Example: User A has collected 15 Epic items by the end of the events, and he gets an Advanced Treasury Box.
    User B has collected 30 Epic items, he gets 2 Advanced Treasury Boxes.
  5. Collect your items and use them to claim your Treasury boxes at the end of the event!

Terms and Conditions

  1. The probability of obtaining items in either Treasury box is random.
  2. The items can be duplicates. Meaning you can have 15 of the same Epic item to get an Advanced Treasury box.
  3. The type and number of Treasury boxes you will receive are based on the number of items you’ve collected in your inventory by the end of the event.
  4. Please hold the items until the event ends. Items tributed to the Monsta Ancestors before the event ends will not be included.
  5. The Treasury boxes will be distributed after the event ends.
  6. Terms and conditions are subject to change with or without any prior notice.



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