Marketplace Status Update

Monsta Infinite
4 min readOct 29, 2021


We would like to clarify that the Marketplace is not down. This is evidently proven when the community are still able to access the Marketplace and Monsta Wallet. Several users were able to swap their xMONI tokens to xSTT and purchase Chrono Zero & Soulbond Monstas.

To prevent DDOS attacks and a potential website crash, we have set a rate limit on the requests from IP addresses. This means we have set a limit on the number of requests an IP address can produce to the website. This will consequently cause the loading process of the website for the community to be slower as the number of IP addresses producing requests for the website increases.

Therefore, users trying to enter the Marketplace must not spam the buttons or refresh the site as it will only slow down your loading process of trying to enter the Marketplace and utilise its functions.

Think of it like playing any action-packed game. Every user will have an energy bar that represents the completion of the loading process. Every action taken by the users such as spamming the website or refreshing will deplete the energy bar, consequently increasing the loading process. Like the video games, not doing any specific actions will regenerate the energy bar, in this case allowing the loading process to be successfully completed without interruptions.

Therefore, please do not spam the features, buttons, or refresh the Marketplace site in order to not increase the requests entering the site, further prolonging the loading process you have to face. Note that this situation is only temporary. The Developer team is constantly making changes to the Marketplace to not only accommodate a large amount of traffic in the Marketplace but to ensure smooth and convenient Marketplace transactions.

An issue we face was that there was an overwhelming response to the swapping mechanism. This has caused congestion in the Monsta Chain, causing transactions and the replenishing cycle to be slowed down. The situation currently is similar to a clogged drain. We are currently optimizing the blockchain nodes which will help to speed up the transactions and replenishing cycle, just like flushing the drain. As of now the replenishing cycles are still happening, but do ensure that you check out the value of xSTT before approving the swap to avoid swapping for xSTT at a high price.

The situation we are currently facing can be compared to the Bitcoin or Ethereum delayed blockchain transactions. The transactions are ‘clogged’ in the blockchain, and optimizations were constantly required to ‘flush’ the chain to allow the transactions to take place. The difference between the Monsta Chain and the other chain is that the other blockchains incorporate gas fees, which will help to speed up the transactions. If we implemented the gas fees, the transactions will definitely go through faster.

We are aware of the fact that having our own sidechain is not the easiest and fastest method for crypto transactions, as seen with the Ethereum 2.0 situation. But we insist to develop our own Monsta Chain as we have our own vision of how we want Monsta Infinite to be developed in the future. With our own sidechain, we would have the freedom to incorporate new features such as the 2FA feature onto the Monsta Wallet, the freedom other projects cannot obtain without a personal side chain.

This freedom provides Monsta Infinite with the ability to incorporate new features, a multitude of gaming possibilities and so much more, making us stand out from the other conventional NFT games. Like our open-world gameplay, we want Monsta Infinite to be a ‘Metaverse’ in the GameFi industry. From being able to host other NFT games on our own chain to being multi-chain compatible. As a sneak peek, we are looking into becoming multi-chain compatible with big blockchains, Ethereum and Solana to name a few, which will not be possible if we were built on other chains instead.

In order to develop a sustainable chain, we had to take the hard decision of starting the utilisation of the Monsta Chain at the early stages. We are constantly optimising the chain to make it better, improving its features and the transactions performed using the chain. It may not be visible now, but we intend on building a chain that will be sustainable and ideal for other projects, taking examples of chains like Binance Smart Chain and Solana. We would not have the capabilities nor freedom if we did not develop our own sidechain.

We congratulate the users that were able to swap the xSTT tokens and successfully purchased Chrono Zero and Soulbond Monstas. For those that have not had the chance to do so, rest assured that there are still Chrono Zero and Soulbond Monstas available on the Marketplace. Feel free to check out the Marketplace from time to time. If you miss out on the Monsta Sales, just note that you can still purchase Monstas when the Monsta Trading Feature becomes available soon.



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