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4 min readDec 1, 2021


We are excited to announce our Monsta Army Shilling contest!

Shout out to our Monsta Shillers! This is a December Giveaway Event for all our Monsta Army soldiers! We are giving out 10,000 MONI to 220 winners. Here’s the chance to show what the best Shiller can do! Aren’t you excited? Join our Monsta Army group now and grab your chance to win the giveaway!

Starting Date: 1st December 2021, 1 PM UTC+0
Cutoff Date: 31st December 2021, 1 PM UTC+0

How To Join The Monsta Army?
1. Join the Monsta Army and Army News channel, be active in the group. Any shilling templates will be shared in Monsta Army News Channel.
https://t.me/monstaarmy & https://t.me/monstaarmynews

2. Be active and help spread positive vibes in main Telegram & Discord (Talk & HYPE in the main chat, not SHILLING related )

3. Never spread FUD or negative vibes, you must show that you 100% support us and actively spread positive vibes through word of mouth on all social media platforms, such as putting positive comments related to Monsta Infinite on any big influencer’s content.

4. Like and follow our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube channel, Telegram, and Discord.
Telegram Announcement Channel:

Official Telegram:





Youtube Channel

• Any scam attempts will lead to banning your account as well.
• Duplicate proofs or cheating = Auto Disqualification.
• No Telegram BOT allowed.
• Admin reserves the right to delete any non-quality shilling screenshot.
• Automated group is only for shilling proof/screenshot. All other messages will be deleted, banned if you post more than 2 messages that are not direct proof of shilling.

For any questions, please refer to the Monsta Army Group.

How to participate in the giveaway event?
1. You need to complete the step of “How To Join The Monsta Army” and fill in the form below to be eligible for the Shilling contest.

What should you do and how to earn your points?
Mandatory Task
1. Shill the content below to any social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or any platform that you can think of! 1 point will be rewarded for every screenshot. You’ll get more points if you have more quality shilling screenshots. Stack up your daily points now!

-Searching for that next low marketcap gem? Check out #MonstaInfinite and don’t miss this #metaverse rocket to the moon. Find us on Kucoin now. #gamefi #nftgaming

-Low marketcap? Check. #Metaverse? Check. Buy #MonstaInfinite token, the next number 1 NFT game, available on Kucoin right now. #bsc #bscgems #gamefi

-Looking for a low marketcap #metaverse with a world of possibilities? Look no further than #MonstaInfinite, now live on Kucoin. #nftgaming #bscgems

Please add the below caption on each of your content:
Join Monsta Infinite in Discord and Telegram now for more information.
Discord: https://discord.gg/monsta
Telegram: https://t.me/monstainfinite

Note that this is not the only content you can use. Surprise us with your own unique content!
Mention these hashtags in your content.
#Metaverse #Kucoin #P2E #NFTgame #MonstaInfinite

Want some Extra Points? Complete the tasks below for even more chances to win!
Option 1

1. Upload any Monsta picture as your profile picture on any of your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 1 point will be rewarded for every screenshot of your Monsta profile picture.
( Example: You have 2 Monsta profile picture screenshots on different social media, you’ll get 2 points for the day! )

Note that you would not require to change your Monsta profile picture everyday. As long as you submit a screenshot of your Monsta profile picture, you will be rewarded the 1 point.

Option 2
1. Input the content below on your Twitter bio to gain your extra daily points.
- Metaverse Project — Monsta Infinite Top 1 NFT Game https://t.me/monstainfinite

Note that for the Mandatory Task, Option 1 & Option 2, you'll have to screenshot your proof and send it to the Automated Group to gain your daily points.

** Automated Group Channel is only for Shlliing proof/screenshot. Any unrelated message will be deleted or lead to being banned. For more details please refer to the pinned message in the group.
Automated Group Link: https://t.me/+MUDT2hUwrV9kODI1

Option 3
1. Introduce us to a well-known crypto-related influencer to get an additional 1 point for each response. Fill in the form if you have any.

There are 3 options for you to increase your monthly points! So go crazy and stack as many points as you can! The winners will be based on the number of points accumulated so good luck!

Prize List as below:
Winner 1 : 700 MONI
Winner 2 : 500 MONI
Winner 3 : 350 MONI
Winner 4 : 250 MONI
Winner 5 : 100 MONI
Winner 6 — Winner 10 : 80 MONI each
Winner 11 — Winner 20 : 70 MONI each
Winner 21 — Winner 120 : 40 MONI each
Randomly chosen another 100 winners — 30 MONI each

Monsta Army, show your strength!!! Show to the world why Monsta Infinite will be the next number 1 NFT game worldwide.



Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure. https://monstainfinite.com