Introducing The Monsta Launchpad!

Monsta Infinite is more than just a game, and now we are progressing towards our goal of developing our very own sustainable crypto ecosystem.

Monsta Launchpad and The Idea Behind It

Introducing our very own Monsta Launchpad, the first of many more features made available by us in the near future. The Monsta Launchpad is crucial in the development of the Infinite Verse as it will lay the foundation of our Metaverse concept; providing a platform to incubate and launch other startup projects that will thrive in the Infinite Verse.

With the release of the Monsta Launchpad, we will provide startup projects with the ability to not only thrive in the crypto universe but to ensure their growth as a gaming project in the Metaverse universe. After thorough research has been done towards the Metaverse idea; we know that the cooperation of multiple projects will prove beneficial in developing a fully sustainable Metaverse ecosystem; from sharing new ideas towards building the perfect ecosystem to sharing new technology and innovation that will benefit the entire Metaverse platform.

What’s Next?

The Monsta Launchpad doesn't just stop there; constant upgrades and new features will be integrated into the launchpad in the near future to develop the ideal launchpad for all crypto-related projects that are looking into joining the Infinite Verse. We know that with the increase of projects being integrated into the Monsta Chain, other current features will also have to be developed to accommodate the projects while introducing newer features. The presence of other projects will also prove beneficial in terms of the development; as the other projects will aid in co-developing the entire Monsta Chain for the future of the Infinite Verse.

Future Features

Juggyswap, our very own exchange platform, will undergo constant transitions to become a one-stop exchange centre for all projects available on the Monsta Chain; providing ease for the communities entering the Infinite Verse. With the Juggyswap in place, we will have the ability and resources to develop multiple liquidity pools in the Monsta Chain; which will then transcend to developing Juggyfarm, where you can stake MONI to earn other tokens available on the Monsta Chain, such as staking MONI to earn LOA tokens.

Both Juggyswap and Juggyfarm will not just be limited to LOA but will be open to any other projects looking to participate in our Monsta Chain. Our vision in the Infinite Verse is to provide ample freedom and resources to projects to thrive prosperously in the Infinite Verse. That is why Monsta Infinite is open for incubation.

Monsta Incubation Program

With the Monsta Incubation Program, we will provide incubation for all start-up projects; from the marketing and operations perspective to the community support and exchange platform relations; literally A-Z.

Now, participating in the Monsta Incubation Program does not require you to list in our launchpad or vice versa. But we will be open to aiding any start-up projects looking to dive into the Monsta Chain.

How Does A Project Be Selected For The Monsta Launchpad?

All projects looking into entering the Monsta Launchpad and Monsta Incubation Program must meet our meticulous criteria to ensure quality projects are being introduced to the Monsta community; from the tokenomics and developing team to the legitimacy and long term goals of the projects.

In the future, we plan to have high quality and lucrative startup projects to be exclusive to only Monsta Infinite. This is to ease the community of not going through the hassle of conducting thorough research before investing in projects. We will only allow the best projects to thrive in the Monsta Universe.

How will all of this benefit the community?

The addition of projects entering the Monsta Chain will only strengthen the development of the Infinite Verse; developing a sustainable Metaverse ecosystem consisting of various projects thriving prosperously on the Monsta Chain. MONI will also obtain a higher intrinsic value as not only will it have an increase of use cases and demands, it will also be backed up by various crypto assets; solidifying its value in the crypto space. MONI will evidently become a valuable asset for stakeholders and investors as long as the entire Infinite Verse thrives.

Now, this may not seem intriguing to many, but for those that have made their own due diligence, they would know that this is one mega step towards developing into the ideal and sustainable Metaverse ecosystem. We have already begun to optimize the Monsta Chain in order to develop the ideal public gaming blockchain; breaching the gap of gaming projects towards the Metaverse, all while still providing fast transactions and zero gas fees for all Monsta Chain related transactions.

How Does The Monsta Launchpad Begin?

The first project that will be utilizing our Monsta Launchpad would be the previously mentioned League Of Ancients that has been incubated by Monsta Infinite since September 2021; where we will provide not only the project to obtain a wider distribution of the governance token, $LOA, to their community but also provide the community with the opportunity to obtain the tokens.

The whitelisting for the League of Ancients token purchase will begin on 10th December 2021 at 04:00 GMT+0.

This will be the first of many other amazing startup projects meticulously selected and exclusive to the Monsta Launchpad to utilize not only the Monsta Launchpad but many other features available on our platform.

Will There Be Any Future Collaborations?

There will be future collaborations between Monsta Infinite and League of Ancients to co-develop not only the Monsta Launchpad but the Monsta Chain as well; aiming towards the direction of developing a more complete and sustainable Metaverse ecosystem.

There will also be a crossover in the tokenomics between $MONI and $LOA to better equip both the LOA and MONI financial ecosystem for the long run.

Final Words

We are certain that the Monsta Launchpad will prove beneficial to all startup projects looking into the Metaverse idea and new to the crypto space. Yet again, one small step for Monsta Infinite, one huge leap towards becoming the no.1 Metaverse worldwide.

Have faith in Monsta infinite. Trust the process and be rewarded.



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