Infinite Verse Unveiled

The Everyday Bitter Reality

You may or may not have an expression on your face, but deep down you know that your heart fluttered at the thought of just staring to that very spot. You start to get up, approaching that computer slowly and steadily, adrenaline and serotonin building up inside of you. As you reach only a foot away from the desk, you can barely contain the butterflies in your stomach. You can feel as if the air around you is getting lighter as you realise that you are about to be transcended into the Infinite verse, where you can finally be your true self.

As you sat on that chair, your index finger slowly approaches the launch button, the tension builds up as if you're about to activate a nuclear launch. Who would blame you, you are about to be reincarnated into the persona you have always wanted to be. You hit that button, and instantaneously a sense of relief starts gushing out of you. You immediately forgot the bad things at work as if you worked a day in your life.

You feel as if you get transcended to Nirvana, a sense of happiness and relief starts gushing out of you like Niagara Falls. When that specific sound and graphics flash before your eyes, you know you are where you belong.

This is what Monsta Infinite plans to give to our community in the future. Imagine being able to live in an alternate universe with infinite possibilities. You will hone the freedom and capabilities to be anyone and do anything you want, things you could only dream of doing in reality. You possess the liberty to design your own identity and persona, earn money the way you always dreamt of doing, connect with countless new friends, all done while you build your own personalised universe; all available at one’s fingertips.

Infinite Verse Unfolded

Imagine having the option of creating another life; free of the past mistakes you have ever done while building the life you never had, building a life you never had or creating a persona that you wished you would be perceived as in the real world. The Infinite verse is no longer a project, it is a vision of Monsta Infinite to provide a platform for the community to escape and be free of real-world matters.

We intend to build a complete Metaverse ecosystem that fulfils the basic needs of mankind as presented by Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of needs. The common issue with other Metaverse is that they lack to provide the self-fulfilment needs for the community. We thrive to digitalise all the basic and complex human needs into our Infinite verse, covering from the basic needs of physiological and financial security to the psychological and self-fulfilment needs of creativity and socialisation.

Monsta Infinite tends to synthesis a full Metaverse structure incorporating a voxel art concept, similar to the Roblox and Minecraft universe. The infrastructure of Infinite Verse will consist of a solid monetary system, a sustainable financial ecosystem that is often lacking in other conventional Metaverse in the industry. Therefore, we will introduce a balanced and sustainable economic model that will be constantly optimized in order to adapt to the constant market changes.

How Will Infinite Verse Be Developed?

The Monsta Chain will provide Infinite Verse with infinite possibilities on how it will be developed, ranging from multi-chain compatibility to a multitude of features and amenities to facilitate a vast and ample space for the Infinite Verse to metamorphose into a one-of-a-kind multiverse platform for other projects. It will be constantly optimised to accommodate multiple gaming platforms simultaneously, constructing the ideal public blockchain for GameFi.

We will also constantly develop our swapping mechanism, Juggy Swap, to mould into an advanced exchange platform for all the project tokens available in the Infinite Verse. The Juggy Swap will go hand-in-hand with our Juggy Pool to develop multiple liquidity pools inside one place, creating a one-stop exchange platform for all the user’s needs. Early-phase projects would not need to look or stress out any further knowing that Monsta Infinite will provide a full-on blockchain project ecosystem for them to grow prosperously, from providing incubators and launchpads, to solving scalability and transaction fee matters with our Monsta Chain.

We are aware of the fact that current public blockchains are not optimized for games, from scalability issues to high transaction and gas fees. We want to build a blockchain that will not only solve these common issues but will also give other projects the freedom to build and develop new features and implementations that are solutions to current modern-day problems; aspiring creativity and innovation to revolutionize blockchain technology, benefiting everyone in the blockchain industry for decades to come.

Our main concept of the Infinite Verse is to ensure limitless capabilities and endless possibilities for the crypto community, sparking true creativity and innovation among the users to transcend in the crypto space. Users will hone the ability to design, build, develop or even sell their creations at our Marketplace; a possible universal basic income for the users. We want to ensure that your only limitation is your imagination. The entire Infinite Verse will be based on an OpenWorld voxel art concept, similar to Minecraft and Roblox. It will then be endorsing futuristic compatibilities like AI, VR, AR and even Machine Learning later on that will provide a continual growth of user base and projects in the future.



Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure.