How to buy Inception Monsta

31 Aug 2021 00:00 UTC+0 — Inception Monsta Barter Whitelist Open
31 Aug 2021 01:00 UTC+0 — Inception Monsta Barter Whitelist Close
1 Sept 2021 10:00 UTC+0 — Inception Monsta Barter Sale Open for Whitelisted participants only
1 Sept 2021 11:00 UTC+0 — Inception Monsta Barter Sale Open for Public

  • Contract address : 0x3f850477dA5d5C948387D5ed47eCC56DCfB51fb5
  • This is our official contract address for Inception Monsta Barter.
  • Please beware of scammers, kindly double check the address before making transactions.
  • Please do not make any transactions until 1st Sept 2021 10:00 GMT+0
  • The whitelisted address will be able to buy Inception Monsta in the first hour of the sale (1 Sept 2021 10:00–11:00 UTC+0).
  • The sale will be open to the public after one hour starts from 1 Sept 2021 11:00 UTC+0.
  • Only 1 Inception Monsta for each wallet address
  • Inception Monsta will be price recursively from 0.2 — 1 BNB
  • The subsequent purchase of Inception Monsta will increase the price by approximate 0.000383 BNB
  • Tutorial Video for Monsta Barter
  • The buyer is advised to allocate as much slippage tolerance as you can afford to avoid competing with other buyers who purchase at the same time. All Binance Smart Chain transactions take time to confirm and other buyers may already be queueing in front of you.
  • A transaction with 100% tolerance will mean successful purchase as long as there is stock left when your transaction is confirmed. You will need to deposit 1 BNB for a tolerance of 100%.
  • A transaction with 0% tolerance will only be successful if there are 0 buyers in the queue from 5 seconds before the point of purchase until your confirmation time has passed. Please gamble at your own risk!
  • You will always be charged the price of Inception Monsta at the point of order confirmation, which is ~5 seconds (according to BSC) after signing and completing your transaction with your wallet.
  • Your purchase price = current confirmed price + unconfirmed purchases by other buyers in the last 5 seconds + your wallet approve time and network delay.
  • Excessive amount will be refunded immediately to your account. Higher tolerance will NOT improve your speed in the transaction queue. The transactions are queued and confirmed within BSC, same as any other transactions.
Example of purchase interface
  • Browse into the Monsta Barter page.
  • Connect wallet and your metamask will prompt for signing.
  • Adjust your desired amount of slippage tolerance.
  • Click Buy Now, and it will prompt to Confirm Buy.
After clicking Buy Now
  • Confirm the transaction on Metamask.
  • Your transaction is done, and you will see you own an Inception Monsta !
Website User Interface of owning an Inception Monsta
  • You will not be able to purchase another Inception Monsta.
  • User can input their wallet address in the smart contract to check have they adopted an Inception Monsta or can view it in our website user interface.
Website User Interface of owning an Inception Monsta


  • For contract address tracking, you may head to
  • Paste the contract address of Monsta Barter.
  • Click Contract, click Read Contract, scroll down to “adopters”.
  • Paste your wallet address that you used to purchase Inception Monsta.
  • If the result shows “true” then you have successfully own an Inception Monsta!
  • If the result shows “false” then you do not own an Inception Monsta.
  • Adopters are required to claim their BEP-721 NFT upon marketplace launch on 12 Oct 2021, the ID of the Inception Monsta is based on first come first serve on claiming.
  • Yes, but there will be some deduction on gas fee for BSC network and will be refunded immediately.



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