How The MONI-STT Pool Will Give Back To The Community.

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3 min readOct 6, 2021

The MONI-STT Liquidity Pool is essential in ensuring the long term sustainability of the overall project, with continuous transactions by multiple users happening in a short period of time, it is crucial that we form a system that not only forms convenience and accessibility for the users but to also benefit them in the long run.

The continuous cycle on how the Liquidity Pool benefits users

Forming a continuous cycle of the MONI-STT pool with a constant and flexible replenishing schedule for the pool allows us to accommodate an increase of players joining the project. This not only forms an increase of demand for our Monstas, but also any other in-game related transactions in the future.

This directly increases the demand for STT, which in turn increases the exchanges of MONI-STT in the pool. With the increase of transactions, comes the increasingly frequent and continuous replenishing schedule of STT into the pool. Consequently, more MONI will be deposited into the staking treasuries over the same period of time, which will be used as rewards for governance staking in the future.

This increases the staking reward of MONI for the users who staked their MONI in these staking treasuries, which in the future will attract more investors into Monsta Infinite, thus ensuring the continuous increase in the liquidity and value of MONI in a steady and stable manner. This cycle will not only allow Monsta Infinite to accommodate the increase of players and transactions but will also benefit MONI Hodlers in the future.

Note that with the increase of transactions into the pool and the circulating supply of MONI being limited, the increase of MONI entering the liquidity pool will also reduce the circulating supply. Side by side with the replenishing schedule and staking treasuries, the value of MONI will experience stable and continuous growth throughout the existence of the project. Therefore with the increase of transactions in the pool, the resultant would be in the increase of value for MONI and the overall project, consequently rewarding the players even more.

Our goal is to form an economic ecosystem that will not only ensure the long term sustainability of Monsta Infinite but also allow both the players and investors to benefit from our project, with rewards beneficial even for the long term. As the cycle of MONI-STT increasing the benefits for the Hodlers, it is an obvious statement that more players will want to join in as MONI Hodlers while playing the game to reap the rewards and vice versa. Evidently, this cycle will increase the value of the prizes and rewards for the players and investors, ensuring the constant growing fanbase and user base of Monsta Infinite, thus repeating the whole cycle again.

This continuous cycle will ensure the long term sustainability and growth of the economic standpoint of Monsta Infinite, opening the doors for new, fresh and veteran users to join in, even for years to come; as the benefits and rewards will only increase over time, making Monsta Infinite the pinnacle of GameFi; the ideal gaming project that will go hand in hand as the ideal long-term investment.



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