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5 min readJan 2, 2023

Sustainability was always an integral key to moving forward in a Play2Earn gaming ecosystem. Hence, the efforts pushed into making this game sustainable became a priority for us. A month after introducing the new Play2Earn mechanism, we obtained good data from the market in terms of DAU for the game, ROI for fortune crate investors, treasury funds, and increment in liquidity. The data obtained showed the positive interest of investors in this newly introduced Play2Earn system.

We are aware that there are no games out in the Play2Earn universe that is able to achieve sustainability to the level we have achieved. Because of this, we felt we needed to scale this project to higher feats to captivate more players just as our CEO wishes for, that this project would be a pioneer with a leading presence in the Play2Earn industry.

There will be lots of features introduced soon, which aids in the effort to make the ecosystem stronger, including increasing the demand for our governance token (MONI), in-game token (STT), and Monsta NFT.

Purchasing #FortuneCrates, but made easier with Monthly Passes!

In recent sales, our Fortune Crate was able to sell out within minutes, which proves that there is a demand. Because of this, we will be introducing a Monthly Pass subscription for all our Fortune Crate players, to allow them to subscribe to receiving Fortune Crate for a whole month. This is good news for players who are keen on building their scholar teams.

We need more players to join Monsta Tapwar, because having more players will ensure a more sustainable ecosystem for us. Consequently, we will be portioning 20% of our sales and set this amount as a reward for players who bring in new players to our game! We believe that these players should be rewarded, as they believe the core of our ecosystem is the players, as well as the foundation to build an empire with us.

Start diversifying your #MonstaTapwar income with Commotion Board!

The reward will be placed in 2 different pools; Prosperity Pool and Top Referral Pool. In order to participate in the Prosperity Pool, each player is required to bring in 1 new player to take part in the Fortune Crate sales and join in on the shared reward pool. If you didn’t introduce a new player, your reward will be distributed to those who manage to successfully refer new players to play the game. For the Top Referral Pool, the reward will be awarded to the Top 3 referees who referred the most users.

Better Privileges for being a #MonstaHolder!

As an NFT game, the usage of our NFT will always be our priority. Monsta comes in 9 classes, and are very important character meant for use in the Open World. The strongest warrior will select his best lineup and send them off on an adventure in the MonstaVerse, in a quest to help God Shani defeat the Jilaka in the Monsta Tower and win the biggest reward. With the increase in players joining the game, Monsta will be in high demand. The current supply of 120k Monstas excluding soulbond is far from sufficient.

On that account, we will be offering incentives for Monsta Holders to clone their NFTs, and giving them benefits from tributing to ensure that they will be well-prepared when MonstaVerse is introduced.

For an immersive Monsta experience, introducing Monsta Verse — Open World

I’m sure you guys should be excited for MonstaVerse right? Allow me to paint a picture of what MonstaVerse will look like! In the MonstaVerse, we will be introducing “Ride NFT,” so users can bring their Monstas along on an adventure in the MonstaVerse. In order to obtain these NFTs, players will be required to join Monsta Tapwar.

Users will be starting to gain these NFT parts from opening Fortune Crates. These parts need to be collected to exchange them for the “Ride NFT ‘’ in the MonstaVerse. These NFTs will be highly valuable as huge efforts are required in order to obtain them. This means, only those who are loyal and are willing to grow with us will have a chance to obtain them.

Gearing yourself up for the battle with Artifacts!

Monsta Artifacts smart contract has been done. This means that we will be introducing more items in the future. These items are in the form of collectibles and consumables. We will be introducing a Treasury Chest that requires STT to open. Players will be able to collect valuables, in-game equipment, tools, and materials to upgrade their weapons from Tapwar from the chest. This equipment will have different levels and require the consumption of STT and MONI to upgrade.

Gain rewards from battling Jilaka and his strongest generals at MonstaVerse — Tower

Monsta Ancestors built a stronghold tower in order to train the best warriors. They used their experience from battling Jilaka and his generals into building this tower. Rumors say, there will be 100 levels in this tower, for all those brave warriors to challenge the shadow of Jilaka and fight villain bosses. There will be A LOT OF rewards for defeating the bosses in each level. Certain bosses require players to team up to defeat them.

We believe in sustainability to strengthen STT by using different ways!

We are proud to claim that we are possibly the most active Play2Earn community in the Bear market. After introducing Tapwar to the world, there were various companies reached out to us for opportunities to place their ads to promote their projects. This further proves the impact of Tapwar on society. We would be charging these companies to purchase in STT to further strengthen STT.

Looking for more stability? Start staking STT!

Our CEO mentioned that we will be having STT staking introduced soon, and we mean it.

This STT staking is to give rewards to users who are looking for a steady reward system and appreciate the potential of STT. During every sale, we will be sending a portion of the collected BUSD as the STT staking pool reward. If you have STT and are looking for a long-term stable return of up to 20% APY, you can consider putting into this pool, this staking pool requires you to put BUSD-STT LP and get the reward in BUSD.

It’s always fun with friends! Build a guild and battle Jilaka together!

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Alone you have strength, but together you are stronger.”

Fighting alone is tiring, and the team supports and motivates each other. We all understand because the Dev team is also a team, supporting each other. We will be launching a Guild next so that you can form your own team. There will also be competition between Guilds, allowing you to win more rewards.

Joining Tapwar early gives you benefits in an upcoming project!

The MonstaVerse you have been waiting for is coming! If you are a part of Tapwar, you will definitely have more benefits and extra rewards in MonstaVerse! As for what you have to collect or keep in Tapwar, I won’t reveal it first, it’s up to you to guess.

But what I can tell you is that STT, MONI, and Monsta NFT utility will be introduced very soon, and we’re expecting more players to join us. With these new implementations, we believe that will boost strong demand for STT, and there will be a lot to look forward to in the year to come, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with all of you!



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