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3 min readJan 15


The full guide on how you can earn continuously with Tapwar!

As the number of Fortune Crate sales increases and the number of Tapwar players grows by the day, it’s no surprise now that more and more players are earning a stable income from Tapwar and Fortune Crates!

Although our journey towards building a sustainable ecosystem for everyone is far from over, we’re glad to be able to provide a platform for everyone to earn continuously!

But with that said, there are still players that may not be familiar with ways they can earn with Tapwar, so we’re breaking it down to a few ways on how you can start your rewarding Play-to-earn journey now!

Now before you begin, you will need to be familiar with Tapwar and our Fortune Crates, so here’s a full guide on everything you need to know!

Method 1: Play the game!

The easiest way to earn is to play! Start out by getting yourself Fortune Crates from our sales and start tributing the items for STT!

Here’s how you can get Fortune Crates!

Method 2: Refer New Buddies!

Share the wealth and be rewarded! Refer friends and families to join you in Tapwar and be rewarded from the Referral Reward Pool! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Learn more about the Referral Reward Pool here

Method 3: Be A Manager!

Grow your profits even further by being a manager! Use your profits or capital and invest in the Monthly Passes. Then get your friends or other Tapwar players to play for you and split the profit. Everyone wins!

Method 4: Help Someone Out!

If you’re looking to start with little to zero capital, just be a Scholar! Look for a manager in our community and start earning with their funded accounts to build your earnings!

Method 5: Staking!

Finally, stake your profits in our BUSD-STT LP and make your money work for you! It’s coming soon so get ready!


We know that as time goes by, more and more earning possibilities will arise, not only with Tapwar but with the upcoming products as well.

Our journey is far from over and we promise to provide our Monsta family with the best earning ways possible for a sustainable future.

Let us know how you earn and how we can improve your earning experience!



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